Unique Combinations

Each Droll Dinos is unique and generated from 50+ possible traits by an hand writted software in JS developed by myself. The Dinos are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on IPFS (Proof) Purchasing a Dinos costs 0.020 ETH.

To access members-only areas such as the discord, Dinos holders will need to be signed into their metamask wallet.

Mint Now
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Exclusive Benefits

Pump your collection and get access to exclusive benefits.

First 1000 Dinos sold

All Holders of first 1000 Droll Dinos will participate in 0.5 ETH giveaway. The abstraction will be carried out through a totally random software and communicated in the appropriate section on the Discord server.

Every 500th Reward

Holders of every 500th Droll Dinos will receive 0.1 ETH directly on your Wallet.

Holder Collectible

Holders of 30+ Dinos will receive membership in private community and will be eligible to 0.5 ETH giveaway.

Final Extraction

When all the Droll Dinos have been sold out there will be the maxi final giveaway that will offer 1.5 ETH.

Roadmap to Success